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We're a tech holding company that focus on attending the customers with excellency, building top products and services. We have a team of experts in technology, design and marketing that work together to improve people lives.


Our Mission

Our mission it's to create high value products, services and businesses to improve people's lives. We believe that technology is the key to make the world a better place, and we're here to make it happen.

In today world, we have tons of bad products around, full of bugs and a bad user experience. We're here to change that, building top products that are easy to use and that make people's lives easier.

RealityAvatarRealityKingdom: Reality Cats CollectionGomes Barbearia

Our main projects

RealityAvatar Banner


RealityAvatar it's photo editing an app that uses AI to deliver the best results for the users, we allow the user to create art, models, styles and much more using AI. We're building something that allows everybody with a phone create art for their social media, business and much more.

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Gomes Barbearia Banner

Gomes Barbearia

Gomes Barbearia it's a barber shop located in Brazil, we offer the best services for our customers, we're starting integrating technology in our services, offering a new way to book appointments, and a new way to interact with our customers.

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Reality Kingdom Banner

Reality Kingdom

Reality kingdom it's an ecosystem built on top of the Polygon network, with the goal to improve NFT holders experience, offering swap solution, raffle, and a moderation bot to improve the discord community experience. We're building a new way to interact with NFTs, making it easier and safer for everyone.

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JNS Gaming Banner

JNS Gaming

JNS Gaming it's an e-sports team located in Brazil, we disputed the most important championships in the country, and we're always looking for new talents to join our team.

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Migxs Banner


Migxs it's a monetization social media platform that allows creators to monetize their content in a new way, with the goal to improve the creator's life, offering a new way to monetize their content, and a new way to interact with their fans. We're building a new way to interact with content, making it easier and safer for everyone.

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DaVoVó Banner


DaVovo started as a project with our partner Bernardo, selling brownies made by his grandmother. Today, continuing its growth in brownie sales, it has become one of the leading sellers in Salvador and Lauro de Freitas, offering both gourmet and homemade brownies. We plan to expand our range to include various types of sweets and savory items.

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Capicorp Banner


Capicorp is a full service design studio for streamers and content creators, dedicated to providing professional and comprehensive work for everyone. With over 850 clients served across more than 12 countries, Capicorp is committed to democratizing illustration for streamers and influencers. Now, everyone can have an amazing visual identity!

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